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Lista de Leitores - Rss

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Espero que seja útil pra vocês. Aí tem uma lista com leitores (agregadores):
Aggie - A .NET based application for reading RSS files. Open Source, for Windows and Linux-with-Mono.
AmphetaDesk - A perl-based desktop reader that runs in a browser. Windows, Linux and MacOS versions available.
Awasu - A free Windows RSS client, allowing monitoring of a variety of news sites and weblogs around the world. Using plugin architecture, can also be customized to monitor databases, email accounts, and other resources.
Beaver - A desktop RSS aggregator, capable of reading all flavours of RSS/RDF feeds and managing them in a familiar, simple three-pane Outlook Express style interface.
Blagg - News aggregator for the Bloxsom weblogging system.
BlogExpress - Free. It can read contents from any weblogs (a.k.a., blog) and any sites that provide XML files for content syndication (generally, a file with .rss, .rdf, or .xml extension). BlogExpress requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Runtime.
Bloglines - A web-based personal news aggregator that can be used in place of a desktop client.
BottomFeeder - A Smalltalk, desktop RSS Reader. Open source, runs on Windows, Mac, and various Unix flavors.
Carmen's Headline Viewer - Shareware newsreader client for Windows.
ClickTheNews - free aggregator to build something very easy to use for the complete RSS newbie.
Composite - RSS/RDF Aggregator - A free desktop RSS aggregator application for .NET
FeedDemon - RSS Reader for Windows.
FeedOwl - RSS & RDF Newsreader für Windows und unterstützt alle gängigen Formate.
FeedReader - Freeware application for Windows.
Fetch - An "Enterprise RSS" client and server system, for internal corporate messaging and information flow.
Friday - Java front-end for viewing news aggregation sites and site syndication feeds on mobile devices.
The Furrygoat Experience - PocketFeed for Pocket PC RSS aggregator
Hotsheet - A Java based desktop newsreader. Works on Windows, Apple, Linux and anything else with a Java Virtual Machine.
iBlog - Mac OS X blog editor and RSS reader.
InfoSnorkel News Aggregator - Windows application that aggregates RSS feeds, plus content from sites without feeds.
Jäger - Jäger is an extensible one-panel blog and news reader designed for speed andease of use.
Klipfolio - A Windows based desktop news reader. Reads simple XML files that point to RSS feeds.
Liferea - A RSS/RDF news aggregator for GNU/Linux. Its intended to be a FeedReader clone.
MulleNewz - An Apple OSX dockling RSS reader.
NetNewsWire Lite - NetNewsWire is an OSX desktop RSS reader, written in Cocoa.
NewsMob - Web-based RSS & Atom News Aggregator.
NewzCrawler - News reader which allow reading RSS and NNTP newsgroups in a single three-paned interface.
NewsGator - News aggregator that runs in Microsoft Outlook. Site features product overview, online tutorial and trial download.
NewsMonster - Mozilla and Java-based aggregator with RSS 2.0 support.
nntp//rss - Enables RSS feeds to be read with NNTP newsreaders. Requires the Java Runtime Environment.
Novobot - A heavily featured desktop newsreader, that can also scrape non-RSS'd sites
Opera - with support for newsfeeds
Optimal Desktop - integrates the functions of a Web browser, RSS reader, file manager and program launcher all into one application.
Parss Project - The general idea behind Parss is to solve the problem of countless individual (desktop) RSS viewers randomly and redundantly transferring and processing almost exactly the same set of RSS feeds.
Peerkat - Cross-syndicated personal syndicated news aggregator for use with Python.
Pheeder - extensible Macintosh desktop news and XML reader.
Pineapple - Website news aggregator for Mac OS X.
PocketFeed - PocketFeed is an RSS/RDF news aggregator that runs on the Pocket PC 2002 PDAs.
Radio Userland - News aggregator included with weblog software application for Apple and Microsoft platforms.
Raissa - Headline and news reader for Newton MessagePad.
RDF-Ticker - A shareware RSS newsticker application for the Windows desktop.
Reptile - A P2P project, with RSS reading.
RSS Bandit - .NET RSS desktop feed aggregator.
RSS Reader - free RSS reader is able to display any RSS news feeds (XML).
RSS Viewer - A Java based, open source RSS reader.
RSSConnect - An Open Source C# .NET RSS Reader. Options and features descriptions and free download.
SharpReader - Three-pane RSS Aggregator for the .NET framework.
Slashdock - A simple Mac OS X application that fetches and updates headlines for the latest postings on slashdot-compatible sites and RSS-compatible sites.
Straw - A desktop news aggregator for the GNOME environment. With project information, news, and downloads.
Syndirella - Open source, desktop RSS news aggregator running under .NET, with the additional capability of monitoring regular Web sites.
TheYoke - A simple RSS aggregrator designed for use on the UNIX command line.
Tinderbox - An Apple OS feedreader.
Wildgrape NewsDesk - A free .NET based RSS reader with hundreds of RSS channels and supporting the OCS directory format

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